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The tasks of Sales and Marketing of products and services have become very challenging for many companies whether they are big or small. We find very often that the sales come to stage of plateau or decline and then we find our sales and marketing strategies need to be revised for better. Some of the techniques that I learnt from these books are invaluable.

I find them excellent sources of guidance for strategists.

I suggest to read “SIMPLIFY” first out of the three, to understand simply how the world’s best companies adapted strategies that suited best for their business success. The author Richard Koch & Greg Lockwood have presented the cases after in-depth researches and connected the strategies to progressive successes in different industries. This book ignites revolutionary thinking that may influence the core in strategising business endeavors.

Second book to read is “SELL LIKE CRAZY”. The author Sabri Suby has life changing experiences of never give up attitude that reflects in the book. Amazing approaches and ideas that are creatively discussed to influence selling any type of commercial product or service. Sales and Marketing are integral part of any business. How to get many customers and sales that a company can possibly handle is always the primary thinking of business strategist at large. This book takes through the possibilities of visualising our sales endeavors.

I wish you will read this book if you are strategists, visionaries and game changers. Business Model Generation is a book created by 470 practitioners of business expertise from 45 countries. The approaches to business strategising are more visualised and thus makes easy to write our own script and then to implement it. This book has certainly influenced my approaches to planning and implementation of strategies and action plans.

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