Shahnawaz Mohideen specialises as a Business Counselor, Mentor and Trainer in Marketing and Sales Skills Improvement and Leadership. 

Shahnawaz Mohideen believes that every individual has potential and capacity to succeed in his/her career. Individuals need assistance to discover themselves and guidance to deploy their abilities and capabilities to find success in their personal lives and professions. Shahnawaz Mohideen is a keen leader to assist individuals achieving their worthy goals so that everybody could contribute to the well being of our society, country and the world in large.

Shahnawaz Mohideen specialises as a consultant in Business Modelling, Process Mapping and Detailing, Strategic Marketing and Promotion, Procurement of various products, Property Developments and Constructions and Project Financing.

Shahnawaz Mohideen loves Architectural and Interior Designing works where his creativity is unleashed to deliver clients’ desire.

Shahnawaz Mohideen is a Skills Developer and Trainer in Sales and Customer Care Skills Development, Leadership and Team-working Skills Development, Personal Success and Character Development, Couple Therapy and Matrimonial Relationship, Personal Counselling and Career Guidance.

Shahnawaz Mohideen actively provides supports and assistances for vulnerable children and youths aged between 3 and 21 years in their career development in education and vocational training, focusing Colombo North as a pilot project. He has been supporting 1100 children from 413 families of various societies.

Shahnawaz Mohideen will be delighted to work with you!

Shahnawaz Mohideen sincerely appreciates your interest and curiosity to explore the expertise that he and his team can share with you or your team